Woven Fabrics

Our principals have years of technical weaving experience of a wide and ever-increasing array of synthetic fibres, offering designs woven to optimise fibre performance (e.g. tenacity, % elongation, modulus, denier per filament, denier/dtex, spin finish etc).

Zedtex can assist with fabric based on high tenacity, textured or spun yarns for a variety of applications such as filtration, coated window blinds and other specific Industrial or apparel requirements.

Zedtex are now also proud to offer a range of conductive fabrics which can offer, EMI shielding and signal and power transfer for reactive textiles which have the ability to link with sensors or even portable handheld devices. This technology is in its infancy, but the opportunities are far-reaching in today’s increasingly technology-reliant world.

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Industrial Textiles

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Zedtex, Reatex and Star Products are part of the Smith Uren Group

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