Staple Fibre

Since the discovery of man-made fibres in the 1930’s and 40′s the world has seen a multitude of innovative synthetic polymers being developed into fibres adapted to suit the widest possible applications. Working with leading synthetic fibre manufacturers throughout Asia, Europe & America, from 100% virgin, to recycled and regenerated fibres, Zedtex can offer products to suit most applications and technical requirements.

We supply the following fibre types and grades used in the following industries: Automotive, Insulation, Bedding & Home Furnishings, Filtration, Industrial Non-Wovens, Geotextiles, Building, Plasterboard, Concrete reinforcement and Flooring.

Polymer Fibres Fibre Grades Metallic Fibres
Polyester Virgin Hollow and Solid Stainless Steel
Polypropylene Low Melt Silver Coated
Nylon Recycled Copper Coated
Acrylic Recycled blend
PLA Regenerated
Fibreglass Solution dyed
Carbon Flame retardant
Aramid Anti-bacterial
PBO Anti-microbial

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