Zedtex can supply prepreg unidirectional (UD), woven and stitched multiaxial fabrics.

A wide choice of resin matrixes in our prepregs permit the end-user to engineer components with specific strength, toughness, temperature resistance or fire retardant properties.

We pride ourselves in offering not only the latest resin technology and reinforcements to match, but also offer high quality economical options for high volume production where cost is an important factor.

Besides traditional prepregs we can also offer the following niche resin systems across the full range of Carbon, Aramid and Glass reinforcements:

  • Aerospace Certified
  • DNV-GL Certified
  • High Tg > 200C
  • FR UL-94
  • Snap Cure
  • Nano-Toughened
  • Ultra-Fast Cure (< 10 min cycle)
  • Class A Finish
  • High Clarity
  • UV Blocking
  • Thermoplastics
  • Tapes for Automatic Tape Laying
  • Prepreg Tow (‘Towpreg’)
  • Ceramic Bonding for Ballistic Armour

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