Lamination Lines

RELIANT MACHINERY first developed the concept of the flatbed conveyor system some 40 years ago.  Today, the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative flatbed laminating equipment. Using the company’s latest POWERBOND-HPC High Pressure technology, Reliant laminators can heat set, compress, and or calibrate as well as laminate many substrates including;

  • Uni-directional and cross ply Aramids and PE’s used in the defence industry
  • Rigid and flexible pre-pregs incorporating, fibreglass, carbons, PP’s and similar
  • Integration of mats with honeycomb, foams, fibreboards and many other materials
  • Impregnation of films and adhesives with a wide range of fibres
  • Compress non-woven’s produced from PET, PP and a range of natural fibres
  • Lightweight structures laminated with heat and sound resistant barrier films

RELIANT flatbed laminators can handle continuously fed materials, cut pieces and sheets as well as adhesives in film, web, powder, pressure sensitive, and some liquid formats.

The RELIANT flatbed system has significant advantages making it the most flexible type of industrial lamination system. The company’s philosophy is to offer reliable equipment, which is capable of the highest level of flexibility possible. RELIANT  equipment offer’s small and large producers alike, exceptional value, reliability and quality throughout the product range.

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