High Performance Ropes

Due to the impressive development of man-made fibres, synthetic ropes can be used in more and more industrial applications, where they replace steel wire ropes and chains. If you are a company seeking high-tech ropes for demanding applications, Zedtex can certainly meet your needs through collaboration with our industry partners.

We work with our braiding partners to manufacture products for your specific end use using the premium synthetic fibres. Whether you require maximum breaking strength, fatigue, temperature or abrasion resistance, or minimal stretch, Zedtex can identify the most appropriate fibres and work with our industry partners to meet the specification and properties you are seeking.

We can also offer a range of scientific coatings or protective jackets to ensure that our fibre ropes deliver ultimate performance and that you can fully rely on their quality.

Range of fibres

Dyneema®, Twaron®, Technora®, Vectran®, Zylon®, Polyester, Nylon and more

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Ropes and Heavy Lifting

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