Reatex is a proud agent of ELeather which is a technically advanced and Eco-friendly composite leather material made in the UK. Made from real leather fibres with a textile core this unique material provides a comfortable, stylish, hygienic and durable seating experience.Widely used by global Airlines and Bus & Coach operators to provide passengers with a premium seating experience. Key benefits include:

  • Durable (outperforms natural and faux leathers in abrasion tests)
  • Lightweight (half weight of natural leather)
  • Hygienic (very easy to clean)
  • Production Efficiency (comes on roll, can be stack cut, no imperfections)
  • Comfortable with Premium leather feel and look
  • Global FR specs available
  • Can be embossed with patterns or logo
  • Does not bag or stretch over time
  • Sustainable product.

Sample of the 30 stock colours available. Custom colours on request.


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